There is a lot of solution to diffuse the air in a home .

In the following pictures you will see some examples but we can create a unique solution adapted to your own design following your wishes .We have no limit ! . Bet us  , because we consider your home ,like a piece of art ! 









Cornices diffusion

Cornices are a simple element that is easy to install and economical.  They allow an efficient and quiet diffusion that is invisible. 

They can be modern or antique, with various shapes and sizes.  They are an excellent solution for most interiors and can be adapted to most styles of decor.

Despite their simplicity, this does not mean that the rules to avoid condensation, cold drafts and noise can be ignored.  The implementation of those systems requires a great knowledge and experience of this type of air diffusion in order to have a balanced  air diffusion without noise or drafts, all this while concealing the air slots.



Slots diffusion

This very clean type of air diffusion is often used to poduce a modern look and underlines the decor’s pure and minimalist aspects.

The slots themselves become a distinctive decor element by breaking up the cold and uniform surfaces of the ceilings, making them appear less stark.

The resulting comfort aspect is exceptional as much for its low noise level than for the pleasant diffusion, free of unpleasant cold drafts.

To achieve this result, a special technique is used to produce a uniform diffusion along the entire length of the slot.  This technique produces a very efficient diffusion with very low air speeds and a sound level nearing total silence.

The implementation of this type of diffusion slot requires a special adaptation whether the slots are horizontal or vertical.  Proper mastery of the supports is crucial to achieve a proper hold over time. The attachments of supports need to be installed in accordance with very strict rules.  Diagrams and specific instructions are included, as well as personalized on-site assistance.





Integrated diffusion

The ultimate in diffusion!  Imagine a room where you can‘t see where the air is coming from, all without noise or air movement.

The principle is to integrate the air conditioning slots into the room’s decor elements.  A simple modification can allow the integration of the air slots into an existing support.

Example: Let’s take a built-in closet in a room.   Between the doors of this closet there is generally a gap of approximately ½ inch.  This gap will be reproduced over the upper and lower part of the door in order to achieve the same spacing existing between the doors.  This way, the doors appear to be surrounded by a uniform space. The upper gap will serve as a diffusion slot, and the lower gap will serve as air intake.

The upper and lower gaps become unnoticeable because they are part of the element, thereby earning the term integration.

Other unique solutions are available, such as integrations into walls, floors, furniture, fireplaces and more.

This remarkable principle allows for the preservation of the original decor without the need to add cornices, false ceilings or other elements.  In the case of minimalist decor, this principle affords a solution that respects the pure and sober lines with optimal comfort.







Grilles diffusion

The classic diffusion method, representing about 99% of air diffusion types in US, this process remains a reliable method of air diffusion.

There are, however, many types of grills, either very modern linear types with harmonious shapes or slots.

These grills are generally long and narrow and contribute to the aesthetic by providing a more linear aspect, giving the room a more spacious look.

In other cases, to harmonize with the room, the grills can be made of wood, bronze, brass or other materials that will blend with other elements.

In some cases, the grills can take various shapes and sizes, and in the case of integrated diffusion become part of the decor and therefore become invisible.




Hidden Units 


Solutions to hide air conditioning units are complex.  They must blend esthetics, sound levels, available space and accessibility, all without sacrificing efficiency.

These solutions are diverse and varied.  Our expertise and experience allow us to install these units in any configuration such as:

Inside a piece of furniture, in a closet, in a wall, in the floor, in a false ceiling, all solutions are possible.

         HIDDEN UNITS 

          HIDDEN UNITS 



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